• Police hunting S. Korean gang in Ho Chi Minh City

    Police in Ho Chi Minh City are hunting five South Korean men who are still on the run after assaulting their fellow countrymen and business rivals at the latter’s residence in District 2, leaving the victims with severe injuries. Police hunting S. Korean gang in Ho Chi Minh City

    Police hunting S. Korean gang in Ho Chi Minh City

    Two members of the seven-man gang, all of whom are South Korean nationals, have already been captured, police say.

    According to information released by District 2 police, Park Gun-huk and Min Kyung-man are both South Korean nationals staying in the Thao Dien neighborhood in District 2.

    The two were involved in a work-related dispute, which prompted Park to call his “friends” from South Korea to come to Ho Chi Minh City for a plan to ambush his rivals.

    On Monday, six of Park’s friends, Im Tae-woon, Lee San-ha, Kim Young-jeam, Lee Moyng-woon, Park Gan-min and Kim Jung-hoon, landed in Ho Chi Minh City after boarding a flight from South Korea, according to police officers.

    The men stayed at a hotel in District 2 and bought six hammers together with a bundle of plastic zip ties which they planned to use during the ambush.

    At around 3:30 am on Tuesday, the gang hailed a taxi to Min’s residence, where there were six South Koreans staying, wiin Thao Dien and sneaked into the house unbeknownst to their victims.

    The attackers, armed with hammers, quickly had their sleeping victims under control and dragged them down to the ground floor, where they were tied up in plastic zip ties and hit with hammers.

    Police hunting S. Korean gang in Ho Chi Minh City

    The men also searched the rooms for valuable properties to steal.

    After the initial confusion, the victims came to their senses and began to fight back, eventually taking back control of the situation.

    After around five minutes of resistance, the assaulters fled the scene with the stolen properties, but they were detected by neighborhood security guards stationed nearby.

    Panicked, the men split into multiple directions in an attempt to escape.

    Police officers were called in to help and managed to capture two of the seven men, Im Tae-woon and Lee San-ha.

    Min and the other five in his residence were taken to hospital for treatment for injuries, including a man named Park Jung-il who suffered severe head wounds and internal bleeding, police said.

    Authorities are still hunting for the remaining five members of the gang.

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