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The Silk Road

In addition to the Silk Road in land from China through Central Asia and the Middle East, there is also a sea trade route connecting Chinese commercial ports with those of Pacific-Indian countries, as far as the Mediterranean and Europe... 

Ducati Condor A350

During World War II, the Swiss army coveted the German army’s Zundapp- and BMW-powered sidecar outfits, so Condor set out to design its own shaft-drive army boxer, the A580...

Harley Davidson MT500 Military Motorcycle

The majority of the Harley-Davidson MT500s that were built, were built to the same specifications. There is twin jerry can holders either side of the fuel tank - designed to hold either water or fuel. There’s a waterproof rifle case on the rear right side for an M16 or similar, and the case is designed in such a way that it can take both scored and unscored weapons...

Royal Enfield In Saigon Vietnam

This motorcycle is Royal Enfield, made in India and selling at a local shop in Saigon city nowadays. It costs about US$ 8,000 just the bike. If you want the full gear option, need to pay extra about US$ 1,500 - 2,000. So total about US$ 10,000 you will have a really good bike for travelling in Vietnam. It is real cheap, if it's just 10 years ago you would never find one with that price...

Issues To Be Aware Of Traveling By Motorbike Tour In Mekong Delta

When traveling by motorbike tour in Mekong Delta, you need to be careful about the traffic on the road. Observe the rudimentary vehicle ahead, even if the drivers are old or young, should slow down your speed as those local drivers may make a sudden change of direction without the need to obey laws, using the turn signals... In these cases, to avoid picking up your body from the road, let's seek a way to ... evade immediately

Prepare For A Motorbike Trip In Mekong Delta

Necessary equipment to PREPARE FOR A MOTORBIKE TRIP IN MEKONG DELTA, you can't help but prepare: Many of you when traveling are often too greedy to bring unnecessary things. Please consider choosing things that is needed for the trip. Ideally, bring the light bags that can be worn on your back or tied on the rear of motorbike...

Beautiful Highlands In South Vietnam

Lam Vien plateau is located at an altitude of 1,500 m above sea level, is one of the top tourist spots in the Central Highlands by beautiful scenery, cool climate. Lam Vien plateau has many interesting destinations such as Xuan Huong lake, Than Tho lake, Lang Biang peak, Prenn waterfall, Cam Ly waterfall, Elephant waterfall ...

5 Day Ha Noi Ta Xua Motorbike Tour

Our 5 Day Ha Noi Ta Xua Motorbike Tour will take you to see clouds on the 3000 m high peak, you have to overcome many difficult roads. Along the road there are many monolithic rock sections protruding out to form large cave arches, including the headstone of a tortoise-shaped rock - these are places for resting places and making commemorative photos of riders... 


The VINH MOC TUNNEL were a success and no villagers lost their lives. The only direct hit was from a bomb that failed to explode; the resulting hole was utilized as a ventilation shaft... VINH MOC TUNNEL - VIETNAMRIDER


CU CHI TUNNEL were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War, and were the Viet Cong's base of operations for the Tet Offensive in 1968... CU CHI TUNNEL - VIETNAMRIDER


LONG TAN BATTLEFIELD was the most famous battle of the Australian Army during the Vietnam War. This is the only time in the whole war, the Australian Army unilaterally confronted the South Vietnamese Liberation Army... LONG TAN BATTLEFIELD - VIETNAMRIDER