3 day saigon ride to da lat

  • 18/05/2019
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The Journey Through The Plateau

To save time, we were eager to cross the Lam Vien plateau and the reluctance of the off-road (removing big roads and small roads) on the 722 became an almost utopia memory. My friend from Saigon still can't believe why we can get lost when we travel from the coffee country to the city of love. But after listening to the description on the phone, he said it was a road for ... loggers and not civilians!

A landlady was eager to blow the fire when we stood in the sudden rain of the Central Highlands. Only on the red dirt road lying on a distant cliff of yellow and yellow sunlight, she said: "You still carry two bags of coffee to ice ...". And we went, going forever ... through the forests on Lam Vien plateau, slippery water trails, through deserted villages, unnamed wild waterfalls. Occasionally, I met a few silly children playing on the grass, a group of funny black brats jumping up and down the stream and crossing the road. Take that can't imagine what the front has.


In the evening, the whole group reached K'Nơ (Lac Duong, Lam Dong). The cold and old wooden houses are sad and lonely. My friends stood with their backs around the wooden wall of a grocery store, poking fun at each other. The rain suddenly poured violently. The shopkeeper said not to wait for the rain to stop, go right in the rain to cross the sand slopes out there. Taking advantage of more gasoline, wearing raincoats, six cars continue to go on, just go and fall.

The names Da Long, Da La, Dam Rong, K'Noi have been imprinted in the memory of Lam Vien plateau, about a muddy sandy road in the rain, the moment of panic and confusion when you find yourself lost in the road. the dark night. When my friend told the group to wait to go ahead, after five minutes of driving around a mountain, the headlights swept away the group standing at the roadside. Duy took the compass and plopped into the map that was open before the light ... redefined the coordinates. But at that time none of us knew which way to go.


Da Lat Day And Night

Unable to stand and wait in the forest, we still had to go, aiming at the new dirt road before us. The pine forests whispering and murmuring in the darkness kept coming back behind. Very rare to see a column of trees with two words "Suối Vàng". The scene evokes a little frightening ... The night comes late at night. Suddenly, someone realized some dormant roofs behind the roadside shrubs and the young people were chatting on the corner of the gate. Stop asking, the whole group burst into joy because they were happy to receive an answer of 20 km and they will return to Da Lat!

Da Lat night. The yellow light lit up in the vegetable gardens quietly cast into the sky. The streets rolled around suddenly. Silent wooden fences. Good sleeping petals. All were tired of a small road trip on the plateau, so sleep came deep and drunk until 10 am. The journey through Da Lat stopped, instead of going on, we decided to stay in the city for another day.


A great day. With coffee in the city, grass, flowers, and restaurants located nestled at the foot of the slope. With sweaters, night scarves go to the knees tired legs. The laughter of my friends flooded from the Chicken Church through Xuan Huong Lake. On the porch narrow to avoid the afternoon rain suddenly, how warm a bowl of soy milk becomes warm. A day spent playing around "ghost" villas and thrilling fantasy stories. Surprised and interesting with the turntable of a family near the Chinese temple when the group gathered and placed their hands on the table and witnessed it slowly turning...

One day with the original and fierce Pongour waterfall with rocks and stones, the layers of layers overlapped, the water rushed, white foam was thrown. The road of 50 km from Da Lat to Pongour through Lien Nghia town (Duc Trong) and then across Binh Thuan to Phan Thiet is scheduled to take us in the green and throne scent of pine hills. The road took us with the yellow daisies on a bright day...

The days of peace ...


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