Travel By Motorcycle From Saigon To Nha Trang By The Coastal Road

  • 05/03/2020
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There is an unique journey from Saigon to Nha Trang, going through many beautiful places and especially more than 90% will go entirely by roads along the coast. The outstanding advantage of traveling by this route is that you will visit most of the most famous places of the coastal area from Saigon to Nha Trang...

Travel By Motorcyle From Saigon To Nha Trang By The Coastal Road

However, this route is about 100 km longer than Highway 1. So, you need to decide carefully, if you have a lot of time, you should choose this route to go from Saigon - Nha Trang, and if you have less time, take Highway 1.

Route Saigon - Nha Trang by motorbike: Saigon - La Gi - Phan Thiet - Phan Rang - Cam Ranh - Nha Trang.

Saigon - La Gi

Starting from Saigon, find your way to Cat Lai ferry. After crossing the ferry and go straight to DT 769 to the intersection with Ly Thai To, then turn to this road and continue to run until you meet the intersection with DT 769 then turn right to this road.

Keep going straight until you come to DT 769 junction with Ton Duc Thang street, turn left. Going straight to the end of the road, you will take Highway 51 and turn right. Take Highway 51 until you meet the intersection with My Xuan - Toc Tien Street, turn left, ask people to turn off to Phu My - Toc Tien.

Go straight on this road, when passing the section of Chau Pha lake for more than 1 km, you will meet an intersection, turn left to the road No. 1 and run to the roundabout, hug the circle to Binh Ba - Da Bac street.

Run to the end of the road, you will meet a six-way intersection, continue straight to Xuan Son - Da Bac street. When you come to a fork of the ship, just go straight on the road on the right to reach Suoi Rao - Phuoc Tan.

Continue by road, do not turn anywhere, you will go to Highway 55 and so follow this Highway 55, you will reach La Gi town.

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La Gi - Phan Thiet - Phan Rang

After visiting and spending a night in La Gi town, you continue the journey from here to the famous Ke Ke Ga just 40 minutes from La Gi center by motorbike. Come here, remember to stop and take a boat to visit Ke Ga lighthouse.

Then continue on DT 719 road to reach Phan Thiet. Follow the sea lanes in Phan Thiet to Hong Hill, you can stop for sightseeing, or should continue to White Sand Dunes in Bau Trang.

After visiting, go to Bau Trang - Hoa Phu road, this is a famous road of local people, recently completed in 2015, a very beautiful road running along the sea.

When you're done, continue on the DT 719 to the 7-color stone beach, but you shouldn't visit this beach because it's incredibly ugly and has a lot of rubbish, unlike the shimmering pictures on the Internet.

Turn to Vo Thi Sau and ask for directions to Highway 1. After that, you continue to NH 1 junction with Ninh Thuan coastal road, then turn right. This sea route is also very beautiful and you can also stop at Mui Dinh to visit the quite famous lighthouse here.

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Phan Rang - Cam Ranh 

From the center of Phan Rang, ask for directions to Truong Chinh street and go straight to Ninh Chu Bridge. If you come here early in the morning or in the afternoon, you will admire the beauty at the seaport from Dam Nai to the East Sea.

Go all the way to the junction and turn right to stay on TL 702. Keep going straight, this road will reach Hang Rai, right on the road across Nui Chua National Park.

In addition, before going to Hang Rai, you will run through the vineyards of the people in Ninh Thuan.
After visiting Hang Rai, continue to return to TL 702. Note, this is a sea route near Cam Ranh Bay with extremely beautiful scenery but there is a mountain road with many dangerous bends so be careful.
Turn right onto Highway 1, then go straight to the center of Cam Ranh. If you come here at night, stay here the next morning to continue to Nha Trang.

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Cam Ranh - Nha Trang

From Cam Ranh, ask for directions to Highway 1 (also known as Hung Vuong), go straight to the intersection with TL 6571 then turn right to enter this road. When running to the junction of Nguyen Tat Thanh street (the road to Cam Ranh international airport), turn left and go straight along Bai Dai beach.

By this road, you will come to Nha Trang city. Now you can comfortably rent a hotel to rest and explore this city.

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