4 Day Saigon Chau Doc Motorbike Tour

You will do home stay with local people, eat with them and learn about their daily life. Many times you will spent just one night at their villages and the next day you will cry to say goodbye. Meeting and helping the local people is one of the most important things that you will get from this 4 Day Saigon Chau Doc Motorbike Tour ... 


► Duration: 4 days - 3 nights
► Departure location: Saigon
► Route: Mekong Delta - Chau Doc - Cambodia
► Travel by the small back roads and off-roads
► See the places that not much tourist has seen
► We use the well-maintained Japanese motorcycles only. No cheap Chinese Lifan motorbikes or old Russian Minks



In only 20 minutes, our tour leader will help you to travel from the busy center of Saigon to the countryside by the small roads, then travel about 50 km by the off roads through the rice fields. Along the way, you can see the dragon fruits farms, the 200 years old temple, do 4 boat trips to explore the countryside in My Tho and Ben Tre. This route is not in any guide-books. You will do homestay with a local family in the countryside in Mekong Delta. Enjoy the special cooking class and traditional Vietnamese dinner.

4 Day Saigon Chau Doc Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®


Travel by the small roads from Tien Giang to the old land of Khmer Krom; they are ethnic Khmer who inhabit Kampuchea Krom, an area in southern Vietnam that was once part of the Khmer Empire. Among the Khmer Krom the belief is held that they are the descendants of ancient Funan, the core of Suvarnabhumi, which covered a vast extent of Southeast Asia including present day Cambodia, southern Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Burma, Malaya, Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia. Do the boat trips to explore this region, visit the 1,000 years old Khmer temples, visit the Khmer villages. Stay overnight at the 2* hotel at the city or do homestay at local village.

4 Day Saigon Chau Doc Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®


You will travel by the small roads through the Cambodian villages and the old temples to the west of the Mekong delta. Along this road you can visit: the Bat temple, the 500 Clay-Statues temple, the Phung Hiep floating market. Do homestay with cooking class and enjoy traditional Vietnamese dinner with locals in the countryside of Mekong Delta.

4 Day Saigon Chau Doc Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®


Wake up at 6 am for the boat trip to explore the famous floating market; farmers from the region bring their goods, fruits and vegetables mainly, to the markets and sell them to local dealers. These dealers sell the products to shops in the neighboring towns and to wholesale dealers from the big towns. In the picture you can see a local farmer with fruits for sale. All big boats have a pole. Each wholesaler hangs the goods he buys / sells on this pole. This way, people on small boats know where they have to go from a certain distance. 

Continue to travel by the small roads to the border - this road is not in any guide books; we do not use the normal highway or big roads with busy traffic. On the way, you can visit the Victim Memorial of the Khmer Rouge when they came and killed over 4,000 Vietnamese people at the local villages in Southwest Vietnam, in 1979. Arrive in Chau Doc and check in your hotel. End tour.

4 Day Saigon Chau Doc Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®


Tour includes:

- Motorcycles for clients (Self Drive Option)
- Motorcycles for our local drivers (Pillion Drive Option), tour guides
- Licensed and professional English speaking tour leader
- Helmets, bag covers (if needed)
- 3 nights x standard hotel, home stay (twin / double / private rooms)
- Transfer costs for all the bikes, guides, riding gears to return home after tour
- Company tax



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