6 Day Hanoi Sapa Motorbike Tour

The greatest advantage of 6 Day Hanoi Sapa Motorbike Tour is the flexibility, a motorcycle can join you to conquer all the road whether rugged, bumpy stone, or the small, muddy roads that the cars have to surrender. The motorcycle is selected as "friend of the road", so ensure absolute durability, strong, can overcome many types of terrain without damage. It will take you to wherever you want ...

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► Duration: 6 days - 5 nights
► Departure location: Ha Noi
► Route: Northwest - Sa Pa
► Travel by the small back roads and off-roads
► See the places that not much tourist has seen
► We use the well-maintained Japanese motorcycles only. No cheap Chinese Lifan motorbikes or old Russian Minks



It'll take us just about 20 minutes to exit the busy traffic in Hanoi by the small back road to the quiet countryside. We'll travel by the New Ho Chi Minh Trail to the region of Thai people. Explore Mai Chau village, do homestay with a local family. You can book their traditional music show in the evening.

The Thai are the third largest ethnic group in Vietnam. Their ancestors migrated to Vietnam many years ago settling mainly in the Northwestern regions. Historically evidence and legends point to the existence of a close kinship between the Thai in Vietnam and Thailand. Customs and dress differ between several groups of Thai who include among others the White Thai and Black Thai.

The Thai usually live in bamboo houses built on stilts, and roofs are traditionally thatch. Many Thai households contain stacks of colorful painted chests, mattresses, hand-woven blankets and pillows. They also contain rattan tables, bamboo stools, and numerous baskets.

6 Day Hanoi Sapa Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®


We don't take you by the old tourist route - Highway 6 from Mai Chau to Son La and to Muong Lai, we'll lead you by the small roads along the 1,500 m high mountains via the stunning landscape and Da river. Do homestay at a Thai family. 

Traditional dress for many Thai women is a close-fitting skirt like a sarong and a blouse with silver clasps. The Black Thai make a traditional headscarf called a pieu. Traditionally, every young Thai girl would learn how to raise silk worms and to make natural dyes, but these skills are not as common as they once were. Still, from the age of 12 or 13 every Thai girl has to learn how to weave and embroider. For her marriage she must make blankets, mattresses and pillow to bring to her new household. She may make blankets from a repertoire of black and white weaving design, or she may make blankets and mattresses out of khuyt or hand-woven cotton.

6 Day Hanoi Sapa Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®


Enjoy the ride along Mu Cang Chai Pass - it's one of the Greatest Roads in Vietnam and S.E.A. Do homestay with a Black Thai family.

The number and variety of languages used by Vietnam's minorities reflect the country's ethnic complexity. Minority groups are distinguished by more than a dozen distinct languages and numerous dialects; the origins and distribution of many of these languages have not yet been conclusively established. Eleven of the minority groups as Tay, Thai, Nung, Hmong, Muong, Cham, Khmer, Kohor, Ede, Bahnar, and Jarai - have their own writing systems. 

Religious practices among highland minorities tend to be rooted in animistic beliefs. Most worship a pantheon of spirits, but a large number are Catholics or Protestants. In contrast to the Mahayana Buddhist beliefs of the majority of Vietnamese, the Khmer practice Theravada (or Hinayana) Buddhism, and the Cham subscribe to both Islam and Hindu beliefs. 

6 Day Hanoi Sapa Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®

DAY 4 - SAPA: 

Enjoy the ride along the Fansipan mountain - it's the highest mountain in Vietnam and SEA. The road is long over 50km and the special stop at the Sky-gate with amazing view. Visit the Silver waterfall on the way. Stay overnight at 2* hotel at the center of Sapa town.

The mountains, valleys, and hills around Sapa are home to over twenty groups of ethnic minorities. The Hmong, Dao, and Giay are the largest and most well-known groups and make up about 50% of the local population. Some of the smaller groups such as the Phula, Hani, and Latis are often only represented by one or two small villages with a few hundred individuals. The fact that every tribe has their own language, clothing style, and set of traditions and customs makes Sapa one of the most culturally diverse areas in the country, if not in the region.

6 Day Hanoi Sapa Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®

DAY 5 - SA PA: 

If you’ve made your way to Sapa, chances are you want to go for some trek. If you want to learn more about the local hill tribes, going to their villages is a great way to do that. Since there are so many routes varying greatly in terms of difficulty, length, and beauty, it’s best to get a local guide. That way you can be sure to explore the best areas all while staying safe. The added bonus is that you will spend a lot of time with your guide, giving you the chance to learn more about the local culture, customs, and way of life.

Thang Co (bone soup) is another specialty but is only something for the adventurous foodie. Made with all kinds of ingredients from the horse, including bones, blood, meat and even organs, this fragrant and flavorful soup is extremely popular among Vietnamese visitors to Sapa but definitely not for everyone.

6 Day Hanoi Sapa Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®

DAY 6 - HA NOI: 

For any tourists to Sapa, the not-to-be-missed event is the love market existing for many years– the distinctive cultural features in Sapa. To participate in this market, it takes local people living far from there a lot of time to go to, so they have to manage to go in advance on Saturday. The highlight activities in the market are that young men and women in other villages have great chance to meet and know each other through playing leaf-horns, traditional games, singing and dancing basing on special melodies. That is why the market has romantic and emotional name – love market expressing eternal love. And it does be market to combine village boy and girl to be husband and wife if they are lucky enough to find out their fatal partners. From the Saturday afternoon, down the street and in front of the church, tourists can see a lot of Dao girls and boys in rhythm of singing and dance which is passionate hearts.

Return to Hanoi and finish the tour at our office. 

6 Day Hanoi Sapa Motorbike Tour - VIETNAMRIDER®

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A. Self Drive | Honda 125cc Semi-automatic:

Rider(s): 1 2 3 4 5 6
US$ / per rider: 1776 1026 826 689 636 576

B. Self Drive | Honda 125cc Road bike:

Rider(s): 1 2 3 4 5 6
US$ / per rider: 1848 1098 898 761 708 648

C. Self Drive | Honda 250cc Road bike:

Rider(s): 1 2 3 4 5 6
US$ / per rider: 1956 1206 1006 869 816 756

D. Pillion Drive | Support Vehicle: Contact us.

Tour includes:

- Motorcycles for clients (Self Drive Option)
- Motorcycles for our local drivers (Pillion Drive Option), tour guides
- Licensed and professional English speaking tour leader
- Helmets, bag covers (if needed)
- 5 nights x standard hotel, home stay (twin / double / private rooms)
- Transfer costs for all the bikes, guides, riding gears to return home after tour
- Company tax



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